Happy International Women’s Day from Seasonal Cities. It reminded me of a review we ran back in the Autumn 2014 guide to Paris on a hotel dedicated to great women, written by our resident Paris expert, Natasha Edwards.

Hôtel Les Dames du Panthéon

In an 18th-century building overlooking the Panthéon, resting place of France’s ‘Great Men’, this recently redecorated hotel takes the women’s side, with rooms inspired by great females. The powerful African wives of colonialists, 19th-century cocottes and singer Juliette Greco are an excuse for gorgeous fabrics and ambiences that vary from sultry to flashy. The staff are helpful and there is a stylish salon to recover in after sightseeing. Favourite room: 22, 24 and 25 are colourful Piaf rooms overlooking the Panthéon, or Asiatique-styled Marguerite Duras (62) for its panoramic view. www.hoteldupantheon.com.