Meteorologically speaking, it’s the first day of winter in the UK and London is celebrating with an impressive blanket of cloud and cold temperatures. If you feel tempted to find a warm, cosy place to cheer you up or sunnier climes to look forward to, Seasonal Cities’ winter guides have just gone live and are completely free. They cover December, January and February so download, read up and get inspired. City of the day is Rome and I am liking writer Lee Marshall’s introduction to sightseeing here in winter.


Coming to Rome in winter is like being given a VIP pass. Oversubscribed sights like the Colosseum or the Sistine Chapel are wonderfully accessible at this time of year. Bear in mind though that most archaeological sites and a few museums too close as early as 3.30pm in winter, so plan your day accordingly. ‘Ancient Rome in the morning, art in the afternoon’ is a good rule.